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Family Stories from the Attic

Family Stories from the Attic is an anthology of essays, creative nonfiction, and poetry inspired by family letters, objects, and archives. Nearly two dozen contributors from the United States and Australia tell stories of immigration and migration, loss, discovery, secrets, questions, love, and the search for meaning and identity. Editors Christi Craig and Lisa Rivero bring together both experienced and new authors who will prompt writers and non-writers alike to think about their own family treasures and histories in new and creative ways.

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The Adventures of a Sparrow Named Stanley

Written by Betty Sydow
Illustrated by Carolou Lennon Nelsen

Smash! Crash! Chirp! Splash!
Who is making all that noise?
Can it be a lonely little bird?

Stanley the sparrow wants to be famous and have friends, but doesn’t know how. A wise gray owl eventually gives Stanley the advice he needs.

The Adventures of a Sparrow Named Stanley (cover)