Written by Betty Sydow

Illustrated by Carolou Lennon Nelsen

Smash! Crash! Chirp! Splash!
Who is making all that noise? Can it be a lonely little bird?

Stanley the sparrow wants to be famous and have friends, but doesn’t know how. A wise gray owl eventually gives Stanley the advice he needs.

  • Sweet and inspiring picture book
  • 15 watercolor pencil illustrations
  • Lessons in friendship, persistence, and individuality
  • Easy-to-read type (perfect for grandparents to read to grandchildren)
  • Reading level: beginning chapter book (grades 3-5)
  • Available from AmazonBarnes and Noble, and iBooks.

The Adventures of Betty and Carolou

Author Betty Sydow grew up and has spent most of her life in the Milwaukee area, enjoying camping, swimming, sailing, and racquet ball. After retiring from a 30-year nursing career, she stumbled upon a creative writing class and was hooked. The story of Stanley began as a fable but over a year’s time grew into a children’s book. She asked her artist friend Carolou if she would illustrate Stanley’s story, and, months later, Stanley came alive between the covers of his book.

Illustrator Carolou Lennon Nelsen grew up in Oak Park, Illinois, and spent most of her adult life in the Milwaukee area. She has worked as an art educator, raised two children, and has a master’s degree in social work. When her friend Betty Sydow asked her to illustrate her picture book about Stanley the sparrow, she was immediately drawn to its message of the strength of individuality.

Author Betty Sydow (standing) and illustrator Carolou Lennon Nelsen (photo credit: Amy Bielawski)
Author Betty Sydow (standing) and illustrator Carolou Lennon Nelsen (photo credit: Amy Bielawski)

Stanley Media

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Betty Sydow Fulfills Bucket List“: A published author at 89, Betty Sydow, brings to life The Adventures of a Sparrow Named Stanley, in her children’s book at a reading for preschoolers at Lutheran Home & Harwood Place in Wauwatosa. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel photo essay)

Wauwatosa Harwood Place residents, ages 88, 89, publish children’s book” (Wauwatosa Now)