Author Betty Sydow (standing) and illustrator Carolou Lennon Nelsen (photo credit: Amy Bielawski)Do you worry you’ve missed your chance to follow your dreams?  Do you know anyone who wonders if it’s too late to make a creative difference in the world? Long-Term Living magazine’s new feature on Betty Sydow and Carolou Lennon Nelsen, author and illustrator of The Adventures of a Sparrow Named Stanley, offers both inspiration and delight.

“I have children and grandchildren, and they love the fact that my friend and me worked together to accomplish this,” Nelsen says to Long-Term Living. “My daughter said to me, ‘You know, mother, if you were 50 years old, you would not be getting this much attention.’ The idea of us being older and still being creative I think is part of what has brought this to the forefront.”

“People don’t realize that old people still have lives and can be creative and do wonderful things,” Sydow chirps.

“We’re not sitting in a retirement home twiddling our thumbs,” Nelson pipes in. Read full story